Friday, October 14, 2011

Superman VS Super Saiyan

You know how the whole, "Who would win, superman or goku?" thing is one of the biggest nerd debates ever?
It shouldnt be.

1) If it's pre-super saiyan Goku, then yes, superman wins easy. Anything after that, and Goku wins more and more easily.
2) Superman has no Kai attacks, so he has that much less chance of winning.
3) Goku has the spirit bomb, just like in this pic. ^_^ See, the Spirit Bomb uses energy from EVERY living thing on the planet.

If Superman and Goku are fighting, Superman IS on the planet. That means that the Spirit bomb would
be as strong as Superman, PLUS every other living thing.
Just for example, lets say Superman has a power level of one million.
Well, a Spirit Bomb created with Superman anywhere nearby would then have a power level of MORE than one million.
Superman provides the first million, and then all the other living things just add on.

Debate over. ^w^

(And yes, I do care WAY too much about these things.)

Also, yes I did post something very similar to this before. This is a different one, though.

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allanime01 said... all makes sense! FINALLY! I CAN CONTINUE MY LIFE! Thank you kind sir/madam!:D